My name is Johnny and I might just be the biggest baseball fan in the world.  Or so I thought.

As soon as I was a licensed driver, I set my sights on travelling to see a game at each of the (at the time) 26 Major League Baseball stadiums.  For awhile I was making steady progress towards that goal; however, a new era of expansion and a number of replacement stadiums conspired to confound my ambitions.

I am again making solid progress towards my goal of seeing a game in each of the 30 Major League ballparks; however, I have discovered along the way that there are countless folks, just like me, who have the exact same goal.

In fact, some people have made it a mission to see a game in all 30 ballparks in a single season.  There is even a World Record held by Chuck Booth for having seen complete games at all 30 parks in just 23 days!

It is my hope that you will use and contribute to Baseball Trip Tips to make planning your baseball trip more enjoyable.  If you would like to contact me – drop me a line at johnny@baseballtriptips.com.

Get out and see a ballgame!